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Resources relating to astrogeology, off-world natural resource exploration and development, planet defense, and associated news of space developments. Also including information related to off-world activities, such as the development of robotics and to serious reports of extraterrestrial life that may create unintended consequences for humans.

Biomass and derived biofuels related resources...
Climate Change (Global Warming or Cooling) resources and related issues, both political and technical, including CO2 sequestration, and Anthropocene issues.
Coal related resources...
Coalbed methane related resources...
Resources for various services and companies of possible interest to clients, associates, and geoscientists.

Conventional oil & gas related resources...
Society conflicts, and training issues involving various Agencies, Colleges, Universities... as well as those related to Non-Science Issues (Creationism, Intelligent Design, etc.).
Resources relating to mining and environmental topics on natural resource development and industrial remediation.

Resources relating to oil & gas and the associated litigation issues.

Resources from various related U.S. government agencies...
Gas (tight) sands resources and associated issues...
Gas hydrate exploration and development related resources...
Gas shales exploration, development and related environmental resources and issues...
Various useful resources such as related research journals, technical tools, databases, glossaries...

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Geo- and hydrochemistry resources relating to oil & gas development and the various associated fields of interest.

Geophysics, Environmental, Geological, Geotech subjects that apply to energy, mining and environmental issues of the day, and the associated applications of interest to I2M management.

Geospatial resources relating to oil & gas development and the associated energy, mining and environmental uses and applications.

Geothermal energy resources and associated issues...
Health and safety resources related to traveling overseas, mining, oil and gas development and production and environmental projects. Also includes cyber-security issues.

Related to hydroelectric dams and pumped storage of water to create electrical or mechanical power.

The latest resources involving hydrogeology, geology, and the related environmental issues...
Resources with distinct international impacts that may or may not have applications in the U.S.
To this must added recent ideas on society responses to future issues related to natural resource development and use.

Biological resources relating to natural-resource development, environmental remediation, and conservation.

Resources related to general mining subjects but not to nuclear, coal or other energy resources.
Oil (tar) sands related resources...
Oil shale related resources...
Local, national, and international geological societies and associations.

Regulations related resources...International
Renewable energy related resources...
Risk Assessment subjects associated with natural occurrences or with those applicable to mining, oil & gas, or other industrial activities and their waste products.

Solar energy related resources...
State Geological Surveys and Regulatory Agencies...

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Toxicological-related resources associated with natural occurrences or those applicable to mining, oil & gas, or other industrial activities and waste products.

Uranium (nuclear minerals) exploration, development and related environmental resources and issues...
Resources relating only to current weather and associated tools. For long-term issues, see the Climate Change category above.

Wind energy related resources...

About this Portal