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12/31/2015 by mdc
Teresa Matich reports that at the start of 2015, analysts had hoped that rare earth prices would stabilize over the course of the year. Unfortunately, that did not happen. Rare earth prices fell even further, leading U.S. rare-earths producer Molycorp to file for bankruptcy protection and put its Mountain Pass mine on care and maintenance.

That was the biggest rare earth news of the year, but there have been other stories of note as well. For example, Ucore Rare Metals reported in March that it had successfully separated each of the rare-earth elements from a pregnant leach solution derived from feedstock from its Bokan Dotson-Ridge project. Following that, the company paid $2.9 million to secure exclusive rights to the Molecular Recognition Technology (MRT) that brought that success from IBC Advanced Technologies.

Certainly, despite the drop in rare-earths prices, there has been substantial rare-earth news for investors in 2015. To give a bit of a sample, Matich selected the most read stories of the year. The Canadian Ucore Rare Metals, U.S. Molycorp, the Australian Lynas Corporation, the Canadian (Ontario) Commerce Resources, the Texas Rare Earth Resources, and the rare-earth market (prices) and mergers and acquisitions where among the top read articles in 2015. Read on ...

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