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3/8/2013 by mdc
The EMD Uranium Committee (UCOM), under the Chairmanship of Michael D. Campbell,P.G.,P.H., released its 2012 Mid-Year Report. Nuclear-power production is forecast to remain steady at about 18-20% of the electricity generation mix of coal, natural gas, and nuclear power, with renewables passing 10% this year and projected by EIA (2012) to rise to a high of 16 % by 2035. However, we conclude that the current experiments in renewables are driven more by government expectations than by the realities of likely future use on any large scale. Rural areas would be the primary market areas for wind and solar installations. The realities will include the impact of operation and maintenance costs of wind and solar on their economic viability and on the delivered cost of electricity to the consumer, which would be at a premium especially in the rural areas of the U.S. Further, we conclude that coal used in the generation of electricity will steadily decrease over the next two decades, primarily because of concerns for the environment and for the actual cost of so-called clean coal.

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