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11/26/2013 by mdc
During the past six months, the Uranium Committee (UCOM), under the chairmanship of Michael D. Campbell,P.G.,P.H., continued to monitor the expansion of the nuclear power industry and associated uranium exploration and development in the United States and overseas. Robert Odell, the Committee Vice Chair (Industry) has retired and we will miss him. In his place, Henry M. Wise, P.G. has been appointed as the new Vice Chair (Industry).

Input for the Mid-Year Report has also been provided by Steven Sibray, C.P.G., Vice Chair(University) on university activities in uranium research, and by Robert Gregory, P.G., Vice Chair(Government) on governmental (State and Federal) activities in uranium research, with special input from other members of the Advisory Group.

Thorium activities are also updated in this mid-year report. Finally, the Committee continues to report on rare-earth activities, an activity approved by the UCOM in 2011. We provide summary information on current rare-earth exploration and mining, and associated geopolitical activities.

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