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8/15/2013 by mdc
The theme of the 2013 conference is Tether Climbers with a focus on requirements, design, operations, operating environments, mass estimates, cost estimates, etc.

Space elevators are a radical new way to access space less expensively than possible with chemical rocket technology. The technology offers solutions to many of the problems facing the world today, including the need for clean, renewable energy. A space elevator uses a carbon nanotube ribbon that stretches from the surface of the earth to a counterweight in space. Climbers ascend the ribbon lifting cargo and passengers to earth orbits and launching spacecraft to distant planets. The conference, focusing on all aspects of Space Elevator development, will engage an international audience of scientists, engineers, educators, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, and students in discussions of Space Elevator Development including: climber design, materials research, technology, business and operations, public outreach, and legal issues.

The Technical Program - http://www.isec.org/sec/index.php/technical-program

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