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4/11/2015 by mdc
The long-term sustainability of nuclear power will depend on, among several factors, an adequate supply of world uranium resources that can be delivered to the marketplace at competitive prices. New exploration technologies and a better understanding of the genesis of uranium ores will be required to discover often deep-seated and increasingly hard to find uranium deposits.

Exploration, mining and milling technologies should be environmentally benign, and site decommissioning plans should meet the requirements of increasingly stringent environmental regulations and societal expectations.

The purpose of this symposium is to analyse uranium supply demand scenarios and to present and discuss new developments in uranium geology, exploration, mining and processing, as well as in environmental requirements for uranium operations and site decommissioning. The presentations and discussions at URAM-2014 will -

- Lead to a better understanding of the adequacy of uranium sources (both primary and secondary) to meet future demand;

- Provide information on geological models, new exploration concepts, knowledge and technologies that will potentially lead to the discovery and development of new uranium resources;

- Describe new production technologies that have the potential to more efficiently and sustainably develop new uranium resources, and

- Document the environmental compatibility of uranium production and the overall effectiveness of progressive final decommissioning and, where required, remediation of production facilities.

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