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1/9/2016 by mdc
The Uranium (Nuclear and Rare Earth) Committee (UCOM) of the AAPG Energy Minerals Division continues to monitor the nuclear power industry and associated uranium exploration and development in the United States and overseas. Chaired by Michael D. Campbell, P.G., P.H., C.P.G., input for this Annual Report has also been provided by Henry M. Wise, P.G., C.P.G. (Vice-Chair - Industry) on industry activities in uranium, thorium, and rare-earth exploration, by Steven Sibray, CPG, Vice Chair (University) on university activities in uranium, thorium, and rare-earth research, and by Robert Gregory, P.G., Vice Chair (Government) on governmental (State and Federal) activities in uranium, thorium, and rare-earth research, with special input from other members of the Advisory Group.

Thorium and rare-earth activities have also been monitored during the period for this Annual Report, which is a function approved by the UCOM in 2011. On the basis that nuclear (thorium) and REE minerals often occur in deposits together, we provide summary information on current thorium and rare-earth exploration and mining, and associated geopolitical activities, such as ...

1. U.S. production of uranium concentrate in the 4th quarter, 2014 was 1,100,111 pounds
U3O8 , down 25% from the previous quarter and up 16% from the fourth quarter 2013.

2. U.S. uranium concentrate production totaled 4,905,909 pounds U3O8 in 2014. This amount
is 5% higher than the 4,658,842 pounds U3O8 produced in 2013.

3. U.S. production in 2014 represents about 11% of the 2014 anticipated uranium market
requirements of about 50 million pounds U3O8 for U.S. civilian nuclear power reactors.

4. 89% of the U.S. fuel requirements will be met by Canada, Australia, and Kazakhstan, and supplied from other sources, some 377 million pounds U3O8 per year.

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For additional information regarding the EMD, see http://emd.aapg.org/index.cfm

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