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Index / Uranium (Nuclear Minerals) / Exploration, Mining, Marketing, Acquisitions

5/5/2017 by mdc
Table of Contents

UCOM Committee Personnel
UCOM Committee Activities
UCOM Publications and Nuclear Outreach
Objectives of UCOM Reports
Executive Summary
Energy Subsidies
Uranium Prices
Industry Response to Uranium Price Fluctuations
Uranium Price Recovery
The Impact of Japan
Long-Term Contract Prices
New and Future Uranium Contracts
Uranium Feed, Enrichment Services, Uranium Loaded
Uranium Production in the U.S.- 4th Quarter, 2016
U.S. Uranium Mill in Production (by State)
U.S. Uranium In-Situ Recovery Plants in Production (by State)
Uranium Exploration in the U.S.
Significant Activities in Exploration & Mining
U.S. Nuclear Power Activity
Shuttering & Decommissioning Power Plants in the U.S.
Small Modular Reactors (SMRs)
Spent-Nuclear Fuel Storage
International Uranium Exploration & Development
International Uranium Production
International Nuclear Power Activity
Overall Perspective
Coal vs. Nuclear Power & National Gas
Renewable Energy vs. Nuclear Power
Renewable Energy Systems
Renewables in Japan, Germany, Sweden, & France
Current Positions on Renewables
Thorium Activities
Rare-Earth Activities

Vice-Chair Reports ...
Uranium & Rare-Earth University Research
Uranium & Rare-Earth Government Research
Social Adversaries to Uranium & Nuclear Development
Ambient Radiation in the Atmosphere
Radiation Perspectives
Sources of Radiation
References Cited and Linked
Reading List

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