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4/6/2017 by mdc
John Taylor opines on the idea that 4,000 injection wells could pepper the approximately 8 square-mile Dewey Burdock area along the Fall River and Custer County border of SD is another concern for those against in situ uranium mining. Those persons named have no basis for the judgments expressed in the article, especially Ms. Jarding, who makes a habit of interfering with similar projects in the state and in those surrounding states, by carrying multiple agenda, paid and otherwise.

Jarding says this will turn Dewey Burdock land into swiss cheese, and destroy it for future use. She also sees a pattern of Powertech Azarga Uranium getting its foot in the door, then expanding projects beyond their original scope. For example, Jarding says Powertech Azarga project originally began with 1,500 injection wells, and it is now up to 4,000 holes, she also mentioned water use, initially 4,000 gallons per minute in a well, now up to 8,000 gallons per minute.

Hollenbeck, of PowerTech, has grown tired of defending this project for nearly 10 years, and disputes these concerns. He says that those fighting against the Dewey Burdock project are using scare tactics to frighten people, that they are ignorant of a decades worth of science behind what Powertech intends on doing at the site. He reiterated that safety and careful efforts to protect resources have gone into the planning for the project.

Jarding said that there is a pattern of the project getting bigger and bigger. It is almost three times the number of holes and double the water use. Also, there is 7,500 bore holes (remaining from earlier uranium mining), and some not plugged properly (where?). She claims that they are destroying this land for future use. People would not want to use this land with all those holes in it, and there is talk of expanding this to more than 10,000 acres if they get approval, she claims.

The article is similar to other adversarial programs involving media bias.

See: http://bit.ly/2m6Hqsj

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