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11/21/2014 by mdc
Africa is the second-largest and second-most-populous continent. Its population is the youngest among all the continents. 50 per cent of Africans are 19 years old or younger.

Today Africa is most often thought of as a continent in turmoil. This is true, especially with the diseases and political turmoil that has infected some of our nation states. However, the people of Africa are also very capable and starting to recover with 7 of the 10 fastest growing economies in the world last year. Africa is also a continent renowned for the resilience, industry and ingenuity of its people.

Inspiration is critical for the future of Africa. Inspiration leads to education AND education, especially in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, is one of the key elements, if not the key element, in enabling the people of Africa to bridge the humanitarian and economic divides and their current financial dependence on the rest of the world.

The primary objective will be to transmit -video- images from the surface of, or in orbit around, the moon, that can then be relayed back and distributed via the internet into the classrooms around the nation states of Africa, thus inspiring our youth to believe in their own potential. The mission will also provide a platform for one or more scientific experiments, to be defined by the scientific community. In this way, the mission will also contribute to the knowledge of the moon and provide part of a contribution to global space exploration activities.

Once the mission is operational, it will become an educational meeting place for ideas and opportunities to promote education in Africa. A successful mission would be a significant achievement and would demonstrate the capabilities of Africa's scientists and engineers while working with NASA, ESA, and other space agencies.

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