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5/24/2015 by mdc
Robin Bromby reports that it has been quite a week on the Australian graphite scene with at least three technology breakthroughs. As posted here on InvestorIntel overnight you will have seen one more company confirming it can produce graphene in a single-step process. On top of that, one player is moving into producing Super Sand, while another is proving up its ability to offer expandable graphite.

As Bromby has previously reported, Sydney-based analyst Warwick Grigor of Far East Capital has become an enthusiastic backer of graphene. In his latest client note he reports that, at a recent Sydney resources forum, he addressed the audience on the subject of graphene. Pleasingly, I was approached by quite a few investors afterwards who wanted to know how to get involved in the sector, he writes. That tells me that the [graphene] story continues to be embryonic, both in terms of the material itself and investors knowledge of the potential.

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