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10/20/2015 by mdc
Greg Klein reports that Canada has an ambitious goal to supply 20% of the world critical REEs by 2018. That is the target set by the Canadian Rare Earth Elements Network. While CREEN chairperson, Ian London, concedes the plan might not be fulfilled soon, he emphasizes that Canada has about a third of the non-Chinese advanced rare earths projects in the world, more than a third of the known critical rare earths resources in the world and a greater degree of rare earths expertise than many people realize.

The 2018 target was set a year ago, based on the fact that Canada has nine rare earths projects that have reached at least a preliminary economic assessment. But if financing does not happen, the projects are not going to proceed per the schedule, London tells ResourceClips.com. Even so, the nine projects comprise one-third of the best REE opportunities in the world, he maintains. And, despite the near strong competition of junior explorers, at least some of the companies holding those projects actually co-operate with each other. That was another ambitious CREEN goal, but one that has already been achieved.

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