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1/28/2015 by mdc
As a safety professional, you are challenged with keeping your organization in compliance and ensuring that your employees are well-trained. To accomplish that, you must keep up to date on all the OSHA rules, properly train your employees, and document the training. BLR offers industry-leading, award-winning solutions that are carefully prepared and reviewed by industry experts with resources designed to be easily understood and used.

BLR offers comprehensive solutions delivered in numerous formats from online applications, live events, and websites to books and booklets, newsletters, and CDs and DVDs are designed to avoid legal issues, avoid fines, and save money as you comply with the myriad of state and federal OSHA rules and requirements on safety and other regulations.

With BLR resources, you can quickly determine which state and federal laws you need to know and how they impact your organization and apply the appropriate tools, training, and resources to meet the requirements.

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