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10/3/2014 by mdc
In the past, healthcare providers and public health entities interpreted federal law as a requirement that a paper copy of each VIS had to be handed to the recipient prior to vaccination, and that the recipient must take this copy away with him or her following the vaccination. The evolution of electronic media has resulted in broadening of this interpretation. For example, A practice may produce permanent, laminated, office copies of each VIS, which may be read by recipients prior to vaccination.

VISs may be reviewed on a computer monitor (or any video display).

VISs may be downloaded by the recipient to a smartphone or other electronic device to read at his or her convenience. (VISs have been specially formatted for this purpose.)

VISs may be made available to be read before the immunization visit (e.g., by giving the patient or parent a copy to take home during a prior visit, or telling them how to download or view a copy from the Internet). These patients must still be offered a copy in one of the formats described previously to read during the immunization visit, as a reminder.

Providers must still offer a copy (which can be an electronic copy) of each appropriate VIS to take away following the vaccination. However, the recipient may decline.

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