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3/5/2016 by mdc
What happens when an industry reaches a point where the number of safety and health issues are only maintaining, but not improving? That is when it is time to explore different approaches, or else risk the danger of experiencing a reverse trend. Fortunately, the mining industry made the former choice at the turn of this century.

Dr. Michael Karmis concludes that a total paradigm shift in safety and health management has taken place since the late 1990s and early 2000s, extending beyond what had been the traditional approach of regulatory controls and engineering controls. The traditional model had reached a plateau, Dr. Karmis explained in a recent Dig a Little Deeper interview. Mining companies began to wonder what was missing, since fatalities, incidents and accidents were still occurring.

What was missing was a total engagement initiative such as CORESafety that would emphasize leadership, culture, risk management, and continuous process improvement when it came to safety and health. At that point, things began to change dramatically. He suggests that the entire mining industry via NMA developed an exemplary safety and health management system, which is basically the CORESafety system, Dr. Karmis stated.

He went on to explain that risk management is an important component of any SHMS, and that it is not intended to replace regulatory or engineering controls, but instead to emphasize the risk component of a particular operation and the way to deal with it. But what about safety and health changes that we should anticipate in coming years?

The mine of the future is a concept maybe 10 to 20 years ahead, Dr. Karmis declared. But the I2M Web Portal eds suggest that we need to be preparing now, especially when mining offworld is considered. Higher risk, new safety issues, and large-scale projects.

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