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3/3/2016 by mdc
Green Cross Switzerland and Pure Earth (formerly Blacksmith Institute) have reported on the worst pollution issues involving lead, radionuclides, mercury, chromium, pesticides, and cadmium on the planet over the past decade, while documenting and quantifying the health and human impacts of these neglected problems by expedient governments and irresponsible industry in handling of dangerous chemical constituents.

Challenges remain in dealing with recycling lead from used batteries, while vehicle numbers continue to grow worldwide. Gold prices are still high and consequently emissions of mercury from small-scale gold mining will continue to increase and migrate locally.

There has been very little progress in dealing with problems of heavy metals from poorly managed mining and processing or with dumps of obsolete or discarded pesticides in some parts of the undeveloped world.

Quick link to report: http://www.worstpolluted.org/docs/WWPP_2015_Final.pdf

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