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2/27/2015 by mdc
Richard P. McCulloh reports that a sidewalk fracture in a residential neighborhood not far north of the Baton Rouge fault in southern East Baton Rouge Parish exhibits what may be transcurrent or strike-slip displacement of approximately 10 cm or 3.9 in, with a left-lateral sense of separation. The fracture, which strikes approximately N 72 degrees E, is subparallel to the sidewalk and transects portions of 6 sidewalk panels. The average strike of the Baton Rouge fault in the area to the south is approximately N 79 degrees W, making the angle between the fracture and the fault approximately 29 degrees.

Thus, considering the proximity of this fracture to the Baton Rouge fault, its strike-slip character is perhaps unexpected. Its presence could suggest that though the onshore U.S. Gulf Coast is understood as a dominantly extensional province, within it there may be potential for at least brief and/or localized compression.

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