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1/9/2016 by mdc
Michael D. Campbell, P.G., P.H. opines that there is more to the story. Nuclear power, because of its use for both peaceful and military purposes, causes angst among some people, and produces fuel for those with other agendas, albeit competing energy sources, religion, or politically belligerent politics. Hence, as nuclear power was being developed in the 1970s in the U.S., the Three-Mile Island incident occurred (but no one was killed or irradiated outside the plant, but two workers were burned with hot water).

Accidents happen occasionally with any industrial activities, but the media panicked us all into retreating from nuclear power because of the fear of radioactivity. Then, the Chernobyl disaster (within a dual military-commercial reactor with serious design flaws) occurred a few years later, which caused us to retreat even further from using nuclear power to generate electricity. Heroic workers and fireman trying to control the fire lost their lives. And, nearly 4,000 children subsequently contracted thyroid cancer ... but almost 99% of them have recovered after treatment.

After years of debate and re-evaluation of the events, the merits of nuclear power emerged again from behind the wall of emotional adversaries to demonstrate its usefulness on the basis of its economic viability and on its actual safety record. After decades passed, and because of economic necessity, nuclear plant construction began again, this time to replace older reactor models and to begin installing improved nuclear power plants ... but then again, an earthquake off Japanese coast this time created tsunamis that created havoc and caused the death of thousands of people, and which also flooded and damaged the backup power supply system that was designed to run the water pumps to keep the fuel rods cool at the plant in Fukushima. Absent the power to the pumps, the the water boiled away and fuel rods (core) overheated and were exposed creating the gas that then exploded ....read on.

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