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About this Portal 

About this Portal

Goals of the I2M Associates Interactive Web Resources Portal

This Web Portal is made available to I2M Clients, Associates, geoscientists and the general public worldwide with a  focus on scientific topics of interest offered by the management of I2M. This site contains thousands of online resources of interest to geoscientists and many others as well.

The distribution of articles, reports, or other useful resources within 219 categories is illustrated as of (2015) and as of           (2017). 

The top category rankings and distribution are listed for (2016) and (2017).

While the information in the I2M Web Portal has been compiled from sources and documents believed to be reliable, the accuracy of the information contained therein is not guaranteed, nor is any responsibility assumed or implied for any damage or loss resulting from inaccuracies or omissions. 

I2M WP Eds will add (comments, querries, doubts?, etc.) within the item and with comments at the bottom, if merited, concerning exaggerations, untruths, and misconceptions presented in the article reviewed. It should be noted that politically we are neither left wing nor right wing in our perspectives, but in the middle regarding most issues. We select items for review that would be of interest to many of our clients and to the geoscience community as well as to the general public.

This I2M Web Portal was specially designed to:

  1. provide I2M-related parties a Web Portal containing reviewed online resources that are available in a central place to facilitate training, research, and information retrieval to support professional activities in the various fields of the geosciences, with special emphasis on mineral and energy resources and the associated environmental issues. In some instances, I2M Web Portal editors will express opposing views or will qualify the views discussed therein;

  2. encourage I2M-related parties and all geoscientists to suggest new online resources, links to papers or reports (e.g., PDF or HTML formats such as USGS reports, EPA reports, non-private company reports or announcements, contractor web sites, etc.);

  3. allow I2M-related parties, to focus on assembling technical information relating to their particular resource of interest or geological / geophysical field activities that interrelate between the exploration and development of the particular resource and the various environmental and other issues involved in the activities undertaken by I2M Associates, LLC;

  4. to build up a source of technical information on various resources of interest to I2M Associates' research needs from the Web. This Portal is also used as a way for I2M Clients and Associates to keep track of and share useful information; and

  5. to support all Geoscientists as part of continuing professional education requirements whether it is to meet certain state professional licensing requirements or for your own continuing technical education.

How To Suggest A Resource

To submit a new resource, link to a related paper or report, click the Submit Resource link above for the resource submit form. Then fill in the form and be sure to choose the most appropriate category for the resource. It is best to have two tabs/windows open which would allow you to copy and paste text from the subject resource, such as the title and web address/URL, etc. Once you have filled in the required fields, click on the Submit Resource button at the bottom of the form.

I2M Editorial Staff are notified immediately of all submitted resources and will review and approve resources as quickly as we can. You will be notified by e-mail that we have received your submission, that it is under review (to avoid inappropriate material, duplicates, etc.), and then after it is approved and is live on the site, you'll recieve a final notification. If you would like to recommend additional Categories or re-arrangement of the present Categories let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Getting Help

If you need help with using any aspects of this site, please send us a message using our Contact Us form and we will reply as soon as possible. If you receive any "formal" errors while using this site, please email our webmaster below and include your browser type and version (e.g., Internet Explorer 9), operating system (e.g., Windows 7), and the web address/URL of the page or pages that are showing you an error (copy and paste them from your browser's address bar). This site has been tested in the latest popular browsers (Internet Explorer 8 and 9, Firefox 18+, and Google Chrome 25+) and all links are checked monthly. Do not use quotation marks because this will result in your submission being rejected. This and other coding issues may also cause rejection of your submission. Check that the character counter is also reflecting the count properly. Try submitting again and that will usually work. We are working on these code issues and hope to have them fixed soon. Feel free to send us the URL of interest if you are not sucessful inputting the item.

This site is a tool to be used by I2M Clients and Associates and other geoscientists, and is not an advertising platform, aside from inputting URLs for service companies, laboratories, and other information useful to geoscientists.


We hope that you find this Web Portal useful and we look forward to seeing it evolve in the future with your input and continuing support. The funds and personnel who have made this site available are provided by I2M Associates, LLC located in Houston.

Fair Use Notice

The I2M Web Portal contains copyrighted material the use of which may not have been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Material from sometimes temporary sources is being made available in a permanent unified manner as part of an effort to advance understanding of the geosciences, including health and safety and avoidance of hazards, natural resource exploration and associated environmental investigations, and off-world exploration and development. It is believed that this is 'fair use' of the information as allowed under section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 USC Section 107, this publication has been prepared and distributed without profit for those members of I2M Associates, LLC, clients, and the general public who access it for research and use it for educational purposes. To use material reproduced for purposes that go beyond 'fair use', permission is required from the particular copyright owner.

About this Portal