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6/27/2013 by mdc
IAEA Nuclear Energy Series Technical Report No. NF-T-1.5
The purpose of this report is to provide a description of geophysical methods in uranium exploration, to present several relevant advances in geophysics and to provide some evidence of advances in airborne and ground geophysics for uranium exploration through selected examples from industry and government entities. Exploration geophysics can be divided into several subdisciplines that study radiometric methods; electrical and electromagnetic methods; gravity, magnetic, seismic prospecting; well logging; and remote sensing. This publication describes developments in uranium exploration geophysics from these perspectives. It should be treated as a brief overview and snapshot of the state of the art of uranium exploration geophysics and, thus, readers should not infer that all specific technologies have been identified here. The goal is to provide readers with enough information to continue their investigation of these modern methods.

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