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4/28/2015 by mdc
Chris Berry reports that he has always been skeptical of the impact that graphene can or will have in the future. I do not doubt that it is deserving of its moniker of as wonder material, but given that it is such a small industry ($9 million globally) and given that there are almost innumerable applications for graphene, my skepticism is rooted in figuring out where to start. Energy? Infrastructure? Healthcare? Each of these industries is gigantic in their own right and could benefit from graphene qualities being included in their supply chains.

The size of this prize has not been lost on the many research labs and junior mining enterprises who are now aiming for a piece of the pie. Berry says that interest in graphene is perking up again. The latest entrant to the graphene sweepstakes is Alabama Graphite Corp., who disseminated a press release recently claiming to have found natural graphene on its Coosa project in Alabama. Through an innovative and cost effective process for obtaining graphene, ALP has been able to observe natural occurring graphene flakes in its Coosa deposit. This is without the traditionally expensive processes such as chemical vapor deposition and that is an important point to remember.

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