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2/5/2016 by mdc
Matthew Spizziri reports that the Alabama Graphite Corp. announced results from down-stream lithium-ion battery tests recently performed on the Company Coated Spherical Purified Graphite that was produced from flake graphite obtained from the Company Coosa Graphite Project in Alabama.

1. Independent battery testing evaluated CSPG produced by the Company proprietary CSPG manufacturing process. The test results demonstrated that AGC CSPG responded very well in CR2016 lithium-ion battery coin cell (half-cell with Lithium counter electrode) performance testing.

2. A total of 60 CR2016 lithium-ion half-cell batteries were manufactured in the U.S. with AGC CSPG as a material component. These 60 batteries were the ones that were utilized in the preliminary tests being reported on.

3. Spheronization (shaping), micronization (classification by size) and surface coating of graphite from AGC Coosa Graphite Project was achieved through the Company innovative, proprietary specialty midstream CSPG manufacturing process which utilizes what AGC believes are environmentally sustainable processing methods (that is, without the use of hydrofluoric, hydrochloric, sulfuric, nitric acids and alkalis).

4. The CSPG that was tested performed well and achieved near theoretical electrochemical performance.

5. An ultra-high-purity grade (99.95% Cg) of CSPG was achieved.

6. Graphite percentage by loss-on-ignition test was 99.95 wt% C.

7. Tap Density was 0.985 gram per cubic centimeter.

8. Tight control was achieved over CSPG particle size distribution (CSPG particle size distribution plays a crucial role in battery design for high capacity (mAh) rating and efficiency of cycling).

9. Initial performance suggests that AGC CSPG has high stability upon cycling.

10. High-rate pulse discharge indicates that the CSPG can operate at high drain rates.

11. AGC CSPG has a comparatively low 0.62 m2 per gram BET surface area.

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