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7/23/2014 by mdc
Upon the release of results from the company 43-101 report, Sadowski and Chang remained encouraged by the results.Specifically, Ur-Energy said that its recent resource analysis for Shirley Basin, which Sadowski describes as the top pipeline asset for Ur-Energy as identified as measured and indicated resource of 8,816,000 pounds of U3O8 averaging 0.23-percent eU308. Significantly, as Sadowski points out, 85 percent of that resource estimate is in the higher confidence measured category. Further, the analysis confirms historic resources of 10M lbs at 0.21 percent U3O8.

Like Lost Creek, Shirley Basin would lend itself well to ISR operations as the ore boasts a shallow average vertical depth to top of zone at 312 feet. Initial pumping tests and geological data suggest good amenability to in-situ recovery, Sadowski noted. He also suggested that additional drilling on areas currently hosting Indicated resources should improve the average resource grade, adding pounds to the available reserves.

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