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9/14/2010 by mdc
The Upper Coastal Plains region of Texas is located directly to the north and west of the Gulf Coast region of the state. The region stretches northeast from Texas, border with Mexico, extending into Arkansas and Louisiana. The Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer, one of the state major aquifers, is the principal aquifer and the primary source of groundwater throughout the region. In addition, the Queen City, Sparta, Yegua-Jackson, and Brazos River Alluvium aquifers are important sources of ground water for this region.

Uses of ground water vary throughout the region, with irrigation in the fertile Winter Garden area being the primary use in the southern portion. Municipal use dominates in the high-growth central portion, which includes parts of the San Antonio, Austin, and College Station metropolitan areas. The northeast portion of the area has plentiful surface water, and the major concern for ground water is water marketing.

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