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12/9/2013 by mdc
Dr. Conca reports that debate erupted a while ago that maybe they are. A major determining factor is the energy we use to mine the iron, lithium (Li) and rare earth elements (REEs), to smelt and process the raw materials, and to transport all these materials in order to manufacture the cars, the batteries and everything associated with them. But the most important question is how you charge them once they are made. Even more important is how you charge 100,000,000 of them 20 years from now. If it is not with nuclear and renewables, then things get problematic. A 2010 National Academy of Science (NAS) assessment of the Hidden Costs of Energy stated that the life-cycle health and environmental damages of an electric vehicle are actually greater than that of a gasoline -powered car ... discounting climate change effects, of course. But, one of the most important issues facing us is climate change, so he is not sure what his conclusions really mean. He does bring attention to the toxic compounds used in manufacturing, but that issue cuts across all industries, especially computers, batteries and electronics. Then Dr. Conca read that same NAS study. But he did not come away with the same conclusion. Like most discussions of this topic, the NAS study states that the power grid must produce a majority of electricity from non-fossil fuel in order to realize the potential of electric vehicles.

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