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3/14/2013 by mdc
Profiting from the riches that moons, asteroids, and unknown planets have to offer not only seems closer than ever, but experts have concluded that space mining will likely dominate the extractive industry in the short term of the next few decades. That was the main conclusion of the Canadian Space Commerce Association (CSCA) conference held last week in Toronto.

Arny Sokoloff, the head of the organization, told attendees that mining on the Moon or near-by asteroids would one day become one of the major factors in the development of space. For him, there is no doubt that space mining will go farther than earth mining, he told Canadian Press, adding that governments should encourage the industry by offering tax benefits similar to those given to mining companies today.

Colleagues, such as CEO of Moon Express's Bob Richards, shared Sokoloff views. The leader of the US based company left Canada for California because he has concluded that's where the capital is that really supports the risk taking ability which could bring a revolution. Richards concludes space mining will seriously begin within the next few decades, beginning with exploration and evaluations, and followed by mining where tonnage and grades merit development, as on Earth.

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