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1/26/2016 by mdc
The Australasian Code for the Public Reporting of Technical Assessments and Valuations of Mineral Assets (VALMIN Code) has been prepared by the VALMIN Committee, a joint committee of The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM) and the Australian Institute of Geoscientists (AIG), with the participation of the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) and other key stakeholder representatives.

The VALMIN Code provides a set of fundamental principles (Competence, Materiality and Transparency), mandatory requirements and supporting recommendations accepted as representing good professional practice to assist in the preparation of relevant Public
Reports on any Technical Assessment or Valuation of Mineral Assets. It is a companion to the Australasian Code for Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves (JORC Code).

The VALMIN Code provides guidance on matters that may be subject to Australian regulations, other provisions of law and the published policies and guidance of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Listing Rules of the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) or of other relevant securities exchanges. The VALMIN Code is written from a Minerals perspective and uses terminology consistent with the JORC Code.

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