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6/26/2016 by mdc
Richard Poulden, CEO of Black Swan in Dubai, reports that it has just hit the fan. In the 1976 film Network, newscaster Howard Beale encourages the U.S. citizens to stand up for themselves, open a window and shout out .... I am mad as hell and I am not going to take this anymore!

All over the West this is how people feel. That is what the BREXIT vote is really about ... it has precious little to do with an In/Out vote on the EU and certainly it is not the result of any rational analysis on the part of either side of the campaign.

Mr. Poulden was in favor of Leave. Of course, as an Australian, he could not have a vote, but his support for Leave was based on what he believes to be a rational analysis that somehow the thievery and lies of the Western political elite has to be brought to an end. Only that will actually create the most secure future for our children rather than allowing the status quo to continue. None of the current political crowd want to fix anything.

How can Blair take Britain into an illegal war, create a foundation to rake in billions and .... become a Middle East Peace Envoy? It is complete lies and thievery on a grand scale. He never cared about fixing the economy (bur for the teeth of hell he puts the idiot .... anyone-can-make-money-in-a-bull-market-Brown... in charge). All Brown wanted was to retire with a foundation and pots of cash.

So let us step back for a moment and see what has been achieved since the banks were rescued in the early 21st Century because that is where we need to look to understand what has just happened, and to comprehend what is going to happen next.

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