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2/26/2017 by mdc
Susan Nash (AAPG) opines that the Great Crew Change has happened (and have been fired), so where did all these geologists go? As you may recall, the first Great Crew Change was the transition that was going to occur when the retirement-age oil industry technical professionals (mostly geoscientists) departed, with no one at hand to replace them, thanks to a skipped generation of people entering the oil industry, due to the generation-long Oil and Gas price downturn in the 80s and 90s.

So yes, the retirements occurred (and massive firing have also occurred). But, were they replaced? Conventional wisdom held that they would be replaced by young professionals, who would then need extreme infusions of training and education.

Some of the replacement occurred, but then $26/bbl oil happened, as did related reorganizations, downsizing (aka firings), bankruptcies, mergers, and more. And, then came automation and smart operations, where the geologist who would have once been in the geologist trailer on the wellsite, monitoring the cuttings and the gas content in the drilling mud, is now minding 10 or 20 wells at a time, absorbed in a wall of computer monitors.

Many geoscientists have read articles about automation and have wondered if there is a future for them in the oil and gas industry. The answer is complicated. Clearly, the old roles have changed. But, new roles and opportunities have emerged, and it is possible that not everyone is aware of just where these bright spots exist.

Nash has come up with some of the activities Oil and Gas geoscientists can play in industry ...

1. Shale play teams.
2. Economic decision-making.
3. Data mining / Big Data sweet spot hunting and reservoir optimization, revitalization.
4. Investment banking.
5. Technology innovators.
6. Tech startups.
7. Taking over operations.
8. Elephant and groundhog hunting.
9. Field, Lab, Research.
10. Blended energies and regulatory compliance.
11. Selling Shoes.

Read on for details on the above.

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