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3/13/2014 by mdc
Aparna Chandrashekar reports that in the world over, debate about mining (or not) for a greener future is getting more intense each day. With growing concerns about the global temperatures, it is but a valid question to ask whether it is acceptable to mine or not to mine. Chief Executive of Straterra, an industry group representing the New Zealand mineral sector, Chris Baker opines that mining is essential to life and that you either grow it or dig it. He believes that the green economy will require more mining, not less. In building his case, he first notes that one of the problems with green technologies, like wind and solar power generated electricity, is that they are low grade or low intensity, which implies a lot more infrastructure required compared to fossil fuels or nuclear.

Albeit understanding the importance of wind and solar energy, he points to a paper written by French academics Olivier Vidal, Bruno Goffe and Nicholas Arndt, where they have opined that humankind faces a vicious circle, a shift to renewable energy will replace one non-renewable resource (fossil fuel) with another (metals and minerals).

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