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1/3/2017 by mdc
Frik Els reports that REE demand will boom from 2020 onwards as growth rates of top end-use categories including electric vehicles, wind turbines and other hi-tech applications accelerate. Among the high-level findings of the report ...

Government-Led Initiatives will Fuel over Half of All New Demand Growth through 2025. Global rare earth demand has become inextricably and inadvertently linked to government policies, regulations, mandates, and initiatives concerning electric mobility, clean power generation, energy efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions, urbanization, and industry modernization. Looking ahead, they forecast that over 50% of all new global rare-earth demand growth over the coming ten years will be directly or indirectly driven by government-led actions.

China will become a net importer of certain rare earths by 2025. As China insatiable demand for rare earth elements continues to grow over the coming ten years, China domestic production will struggle to keep up in all scenarios examined herein, leading the nation to become a net importer of certain rare earths at the expense of the rest of the world supply security. In fact, by 2025 China domestic demand for neodymium oxide for permanent magnets alone is poised to exceed total global production of neodymium oxide by 9,000 tonnes in there base-case scenario, highlighting the imminent need for additional sources of supply.

The market calls for development of a new mine every year by 2025. From 2016 through 2020 demand for neodymium, praseodymium, dysprosium, and lanthanum will grow relatively strongly, but, from 2020 through 2025 the rate of global demand growth for these rare earths will accelerate year-over-year, resulting in major annual demand increases by 2025 that can only be satisfied by the continuous and accelerated development of new mines.

In-lieu of conventional sources of capital, China will become a major investor in development of foreign rare earth resources. Read on ...

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