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8/27/2013 by mdc
Coal Geology, second edition, offers a thoroughly revised and updated edition of this popular book which provides a comprehensive overview of the field of coal geology.

Coal Geology covers all aspects of coal geology in one volume, bridging the gap between the academic aspects and the practical role of geology in the coal industry. The object of the book is to provide the reader with a with a description of the origins of coal together with the physical and chemical properties of coal and coal petrology before proceeding to cover all areas of coal exploration, production and use.

Bridges the gap between academic aspects of coal geology and the practical role of geology in the coal industry.

Examines historical and stratigraphical geology, together with mining, environmental issues, geophysics and hydrogeology and the marketing of coal.

Defines worldwide coal resource classifications and methods of calculation.

Addresses the alternative uses of coal as a source of energy, together with the environmental implications of coal usage.

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