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6/17/2015 by mdc
Greg Klein reports that strong, shallow-depth rare earths mineralization continues as Commerce Resources announced four more infill holes from its Ashram deposit on June 16, this year (2015). The northern Quebec project winter/spring drill campaign collected infill results to upgrade the resource for a planned pre-feasibility study. Highlights include:

The mineralization in Hole EC15-119 contained 2.23% total rare earth oxides, 4.5% middle and heavy rare earth oxides and 5.8% fluorite over 32.02 metres, starting at 5.5 metres in downhole depth. As an example, this hole was collared on Ashram northern margin. The other three holes were drilled along the deposit eastern margins. True widths were estimated between 50% and 70% along the eastern margins but increased to 100% towards the deposit center, Commerce stated.

Each hole ended at a pre-determined depth of about 200 metres for pre-feasibility purposes. All four ended in strong mineralization. A fifth hole was sunk outside the resource for geotechnical, geomechanical and hydrogeological purposes.

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