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12/25/2015 by mdc
Micron geologists report that the economic geology of the so called Ring of Fire area in the James Bay lowlands of northern Ontario is centered upon two principal domains, namely the Archaean granite-greenstone terrain with potential for gold, base metals, volcanogenic massive sulphides and diamond deposits, and the younger Ring of Fire layered igneous complex (ROF) with potential for chromite and platinum group elements-nickel-copper (PGE-Ni-Cu) deposits.

This article is restricted to the ROF and focuses on its potential for new discoveries. Backed by the knowledge of its consultants who have industry experience on the Bushveld and Great Dyke layered igneous complexes in southern Africa, and consulting assignment experience on the Stillwater mine in the United States, the Marathon-PGM, Shakespeare and Lac des les properties in Canada, the Arctic Platinum project in Finland, the Pechenga complex of the Kola Peninsula in Russia and the Voskhod chromite project in Kazakhstan, Micon has been able to play a pivotal role in the advancement of exploration on the ROF.

It was the first independent consulting company to produce an NI 43-101 compliant Technical Report on the ROF chromite mineralization, to interpret the geometry of the ROF and to recognize the potential for stratiform PGE-Ni-Cu discoveries within the complex.

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