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12/3/2014 by mdc
Dr. Conca reports that fear of radiation strikes again. This time it is preventing some beneficial medical procedures like mammograms and CT scans by claiming, incorrectly, that the procedures themselves can cause cancer no matter what the radiation dose.

Conca was shocked to read an article in Time.com - reprinted from Health.com - about the Hidden Dangers of Medical Scans, that says more and more doctors are worried that medical imaging and other tests involving X-rays are increasing the risk of cancer.

It was even claimed that researchers at the National Cancer Institute estimated that the 72 million CT scans performed in 2007 could lead to as many as 29,000 future cases of cancer and indicated that the more you are exposed to, the riskier it is. Except it is not true for doses used in diagnostic imaging.

The claims from this article are contrary to the general medical community - CT Scans Save Lives. We can even observe DNA double-strand breaks repairing after CT scans - NAS 2005. The actual experts in medical imaging, the American Association of Physicists in Medicine - AAPM, say that the risks of medical imaging procedures are too low to be detectable and may be nonexistent.

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