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1/9/2016 by mdc
This paper includes 10 summaries for energy resource commodities including coal, uranium, geothermal and fossil-fuel based unconventional resources, and an analysis of energy economics and technology prepared by the commodity committees of the Energy Minerals Division of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

Unconventional energy resources, as used in this report, are those energy resources that do not occur in conventional oil or gas reservoirs held in structural or stratigraphic traps in sedimentary basins. Such resources include coalbed methane, oil shale, gas shale and liquids, tight-gas sands, gas hydrates, and bitumen and heavy oil.

Current U.S. and global research and development activities are summarized for each alternative and unconventional energy resource commodity in the topical sections of this report, followed by analysis of unconventional energy economics and technology.

For additional information on the EMD, see: http://emd.aapg.org/index.cfm

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