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6/12/2014 by mdc
This edition of European Geologist is dedicated to metallic mineral resources, to complement the previous issue, which focused on industrial minerals and construction materials. The majority of the articles now published describe metallic ore deposits in Europe, and this is an interesting consequence of shifting political attitudes that, until recently, were against mining. The opposition to mining and the disinvestment in European mines arose after the 1970s, induced by growing environmental standards and the transfer of mining activities to third world countries. This situation had advantages to all parties involved: the European industry bought raw materials at lower prices; the third world countries obtained an opportunity to develop their economies; and the European politicians took credit for domestic environmental achievements.

The change started after China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001. In a couple
of years China became the tool shop of the world, producing all kinds of domestic and industrial appliances. Attracted by low labor costs and higher productivity, many global brands transferred their sourcing to China, leveraging the country know-how and capabilities. In just 6 years, China became an industrial giant, capable of producing high quality products, ranging from iPhones to nuclear submarines. As a consequence of China huge growth, its domestic income was multiplied, boosting the Chinese internal market.

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