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3/4/2016 by mdc
Matthew Spizziri reports that Flinders Resources Limited announced an update on its two key initiatives to produce high-purity spherical graphite and graphene to position its 100% owned Woxna graphite mine as a leading supplier to the current and future graphite and graphene industries.The first initiative underway is the High Purity Graphite Project, which seeks to value add to its product stream via working with a strategic Chinese technology partner with a well-established design, build and operate capability in high-purity graphite production. The second, the Swedish Graphene Project, a Swedish-government funded program to research and commercialize the production of graphene from Swedish-produced Woxna graphite.

The second initiative is the Swedish Graphene Project, which falls under the EU Graphene Flagship Project, a ten-year, US$1.1 Billion project to research graphene commercialization. The project is investigating the Woxna Swedish flake graphite, and its suitability to produce graphene on an industrial scale. The project is progressing well. Woxna, as one of two graphite mines in Europe, and Sweden only graphite producer, can supply domestically produced natural flake graphite which provides a clear strategic advantage for Sweden.

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