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12/7/2014 by mdc
Rudy Wahl reports that the following exploration targets are available for option in Onartio, Canada -

A. Gold Properties - Hemlo North - Hemlo South - Goldbar Lake - Jackfish Lake

B. Niobium - Phosphate Discovery within the outer ring of the Prairie Lake Carbonatite Complex

C. Diamonds -

Madonna Dyke Discovery -

- The results of this work yield a total of 66 diamonds including 21 stones greater than 0.5 millimetres in size and 8 stones greater than 0.85 mm in size.

Kimberlite Pipe Target 6 -

- An SGH survey was performed over the target with results that were essentially exactly as the Impala kimberlite pipe at the Ekati Mine. Ground magnetics and MMI completed as well over the target.

Killala Lake Property Promising Area A -

- The presence of kimberlites within this zone is doubtless. The southwestern part of this zone is best prepared for direct exploration for kimberlites. The abundance and ubiquitous occurrence of picroilmenite grains within the halo and the high concentration of picroilmenite in the samples might suggest that the kimberlitic source is rather large, or that there is much more than one kimberlite body in this zone.

Prairie Lake Property Diamond Discovery -

- The first sample was taken at the Para Lamproite discovery site and returned micro diamonds - G10 - G9 - G3 Garnets . The olivine minerals are within the Kimberlite trend. Mineral chemistry from the Para Lamproite and its environs is promising.

White River Property Potential Kimberlite Pipe Targets -

- Property ties onto Rio Tinto property to the north. The property is located west - southwest of the town of White River

Eric Lake Property Potential Kimberlite Pipe target northwest of Rio Tinto property -

- Surface prospecting, mapping and sampling has located the airborne target. This target remains unexplained and has the potential to be kimberlite pipe. This is a compelling target.

Links to the Diamond Potential targets are available for viewing.

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