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5/27/2016 by mdc
FLSmidth proudly announces the signing of a Technology Licence and Transfer Agreement with the CSIRO to develop, produce, distribute and support the innovative hyperspectral logging technology known as HyLogging and integrated software for mining industry use.

HyLogger systems are an outcome of many years of extensive research and development in the area of hyperspectral science and borne out of remote sensing research. In recognition of the technology potential, the research was supplemented by industry sponsors and has been extensively tested in actual industry applications.

As a reputed supplier of innovative technology with an ongoing development relationship with the CSIRO, FLSmidth agreement allows us to bring HyLogger to the market in the form of accessible and easy-to-use units. These units provide accurate and comprehensive data, enabling geologists to develop validated interpretations.

Hylogger systems facilitate the rapid collection of high quality spectral data and continuous high-resolution color imagery of drill core, drill chips and drill powders. Hylogger systems provide a means to routinely and objectively capture detailed mineralogical data with the aim of improving the efficiency and productivity of geological interpretation. HyLogger provides an additional set of eyes for the mapping of minerals and associated alterations. It offers an extra set of data against which geologists can validate geochemical and other laboratory analyses.

For a detailed review of the HyLogger capabilities, read on ...

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