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5/17/2016 by mdc
Spectral Evolution indicates that valuable information to determine the type of alteration of potential deposits an be obtained with oreXpress and EZ-ID software. High sulfidation epithermal deposits are commonly characterized by alteration zones with mineral assemblages dominated by alunite, pyrophyllite, kaolinite, illite, and chlorite rich clays. Detecting and identifying these minerals in the field can provide geologists and the companies they work for, with the accurate data necessary to guide cost-efficient continued sampling and drilling.

oreXpress field spectrometers for mining are lightweight and rugged for field work with high resolution and high sensitivity for accurate scans. EZ-ID software takes these scans and matches them to two spectral libraries of more than 1600 scans ... from USGS and SPECMin libraries. It provides the exploration geologist with tools to narrow the focus of each match by applying an unlimited number of match regions to absorption features of interest. By using EZ-IDs features the geologist can create an accurate digital map for the area and a digital database or archive for pre- and post-drilling information.

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