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7/2/2011 by mdc
There is now a growing recognition that nuclear power makes a significant contribution to the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions. Worldwide, nuclear power plants currently save some 10 per cent of total carbon dioxide (CO2 ) emissions from world energy use. This represents an immense saving of greenhouse gas emissions that would otherwise be contributing to global warming. If the world were not using nuclear power, emissions of CO2 would be some 2.5 billion tonnes higher per year. Nuclear power plants emit no greenhouse gas emissions at point of generation and very small quantities over the whole nuclear fuel cycle, from uranium mining through to waste disposal. Indeed, the Committee reports that nuclear power emits only 2 to 6 grams of carbon per kilowatt hour of electricity produced. This is two orders of magnitude less than coal, oil and natural gas, and is comparable to emissions from wind and solar power.

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