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7/13/2017 by mdc
Welcome to the July 2017 Newsletter. Here you will find current technical content from our engineers and new opportunities to get involved. Most importantly this is a reminder to register for the annual Space Elevator Conference this August in Seattle! If you wish to submit a paper, the July 10th deadline for abstracts is fast approaching. The three-day programs included technical lectures, group brainstorming sessions, a Family Science Fest and full access to the Seattle Museum of Flight where the conference is held.

In this edition you will find further updates from Vern Hall and Micheal Fitzgerald on the Earth Port and Space Elevator Architecture as well as information on our recently published Apex Anchor and GEO node study. We also announced a call for presentations/ papers the Space Elevator Symposium at the British Interplanetary Society in November. President Pete Swan continues to offer up inspiration for progress in the SE world.

As always, you will find notices of several open volunteer positions (a great way to help this project, even if you are not a scientist or engineer) and a reminder that all ISEC reports, Yearly Reports, CLIMB Journals and the Via Ad Astra Magazine, are now available in electronic (pdf) format at ISEC.org.

If you want to help us make a space elevator happen, JOIN ISEC and get involved! A space elevator would truly revolutionize life on earth and open up the solar system and beyond to all of us.

You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter. You can also enjoy the photos and videos that we've posted on Flickr and YouTube, all under our Social Identity of ISECdotORG.

Thank you,

Sandy Curth
ISEC Publicity Director

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