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3/18/2017 by mdc
Space News Stories ...

SpaceX Files to Put up Another 7,000 Satellites, OneWeb, 2,000

Virgin Branches into Orbit

$17,000,000 For Blue to Upgrade Launch Complex in Florida

ESA Pouring $91,000,000 into Reusable Methane Engine Design

SpaceX CRS-10, Turbopump Cracks, and Lunar Cruises

Orbital ATK Awarded $78,000,000 Contract, sues DARPA

Aerojet Rocketdyne AR1 Engine Production to Add 100 Jobs in Huntsville, Alabama

Nanoracks, Boeing to build commercial ISS airlock

SolAero Expanding in Albuquerque

LeoLabs has raised $4,000,000 in investment from Airbus Ventures, SRI International, and Horizons Ventures.

Alaska Aerospace, owners of the Kodiak Island launch complex in Alaska have begun to authorize spending toward an equatorial launch site.

NSS Space Settlement Summit held on January 10-11 in Santa Monica, CA.

Sierra Nevada Corporation has proposed a crewed Dream Chaser mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope.

Planet Labs Inc. is acquiring Alphabet Inc. Terra Bella. In return, Google has agreed to a multi-year purchase of imagery from Planet.

New Administration Calls for Return to Moon by 2020

AR1 Breaks Chamber Pressure Record

UK Space Agency Appoints New CEO

Spaceknow Raises $4,000,000 in Series A

ISS Crew Enters BEAM for Tests

NASA releases announcement of collaborative opportunity

NASA Michoud Hit by Tornado

JAXA Debris Cleanup Tether Fails to Deploy

Upcoming Launches .....Cargo
Mar 14 ...Falcon 9 ... EchoStar 23
Mar 15 ...H-2A ........IGS Radar 5
Mar 17 Delta 4 ........WGS 9
Mar 21 Atlas V ........OA-7
Mar 27 Falcon 9 .......SES 10
Mar 31 GSLV Mk.2 ......GSAT 9

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