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4/20/2017 by mdc
Christopher Ecclestone reports that Western Uranium Corporation origins are based on the combination of a number of assets ... the Sunday Mine Complex, the Pinon Ridge Mill project and license and uranium assets in Utah and Colorado. It is still assumed that it is only the top 10% of a series of deposits that one sees above the waterline (water table?).

Though what one sees of Western Uranium data are largely the Sunday Mine Complex, the Hansen/Taylor asset needs serious further consideration particularly because it is larger in resource volume than many of the well-known names of the uranium industry. It has both a resource and a scoping study dating from this decade. Therefore, the potential is there for the lights to be switched on at this project should the uranium price make a turn for the better. In this piece, Ecclestone summarizes the available information on the Hansen-Taylor properties and their potential.

The deposits that make up the Hansen/Taylor project are tabular sandstone deposits associated with redox interfaces. The mineralization is hosted in Tertiary sandstones and or clay bearing conglomerates within an extinct braided sediments, fluvial system or paleochannel.

Mineralization occurred post sediment deposition when oxygenated uraniferous groundwater moving through the host rocks came into contact with redox interfaces, the resultant chemical change caused the precipitation of uranium oxides. The most common cause of redox interfaces is the presence of carbonaceous material that was deposited simultaneously with the host sediments.

In parts of the project area the paleochannel has been covered by Tertiary volcanic rocks and throughout the project basement consists of Pre-Cambrian plutonics and metamorphic rocks. The volcanic and Pre-Cambrian rocks are believed to be the sources of uranium.

The Hansen/Taylor deposits have not been a high priority for Western Uranium due to the relatively low grades and the distance from the planned mill.

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