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3/12/2017 by mdc
EBR suggests that nuclear energy is regarded as one of the prominent sources of energy with a huge potential. As nuclear power plants emit low greenhouse gas emissions, the energy is seen as environmentally friendly. Using a nuclear fission reaction, the power plants produce high amount of electricity with uranium as fuel. Although nuclear energy offers various advantages, concerns have been raised over the disposal of radioactive waste and harmful radiations from the nuclear plants.

Here are the major pros and cons of nuclear power plants.


Low harmful emissions. Electricity produced from nuclear power plant emits fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to those released by coal power plants and other traditional power generation sources. Nuclear energy generation does not lead to releases of methane and carbon dioxide, which are greenhouse gases responsible for global warming. Taking this into account, the environmental damage caused by nuclear energy sources is identified to be minimal.

High reliability. When compared to renewable sources of energy such as solar and wind, the power generation from nuclear power plants is more reliable. While electricity production in case of renewable sources depends on climatic conditions, there is no such hurdle in nuclear energy. Nuclear power units can produce power continuously for several months without any interruption. In addition, with uranium reserves expected to last for more than 70 years from now, nuclear energy offers higher reliability compared to other energy sources.

Low operational expenses. Though it requires huge investments to set up nuclear power plants, the costs involved in operating them are low. The fuel costs of a nuclear power plants are low and the electricity produced from them is also not expensive. Considering the normal lifetime, which is about 40-60 years, of a nuclear reactor, the overall expenses involved in producing power from nuclear power plants are low.

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