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3/18/2017 by mdc
Sean Brodrick reports that it is well known that Kazakhstan, source of 30% of the world uranium supply, has cut its production by 10%. But, no one undercuts the Kazakhs on price, but they are saving some of their resources until the price increases.

Global X Uranium ETF is rising from the rubble. URA rallied big since November. In February, it started pulling back. That consolidation brought it back to nearly a 50% retracement of their move. URA increased above its 50-day simple moving average. This can be seen as a dividing line between bullish and bearish movements, and the URA Force Index just switched from bearish to bullish. Momentum is with the bulls on this one.

The URA ETF is a basket of leading uranium producers and explorers, including Cameco Corp., NexGen Energy, Uranium Energy Corp. and 23 more. The URA even has the Uranium Participation Corp., which holds physical uranium hexafluoride gas, among its components.

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