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7/17/2017 by mdc
Jim Polson, a natural gas supporter, opines that a decade ago, nuclear power plants in the U.S. were cash cows. Now more than half of them are bleeding cash, knocked from profitability by the shale-gas glut that has tanked electricity prices. Five nuclear plants were closed prematurely in the past five years, and more are on the chopping block. The industry used to look down on the subsidies needed by its clean-energy rivals, wind and solar power.

Now some states are offering subsidies to nuclear plants similar to the ones that wind and solar generators, whose costs have plunged, are outgrowing. The trend has implications not just for the U.S. future power supply but for global efforts to combat climate change.

Polson addresses these questions ...

1. Who is subsidizing nuclear power?

2. Why are nuclear plants in trouble?

3. Why not let the nuclear plants shut down?

4. How do the subsidies work?

5. Who wins, and who loses?

6. How are competitors responding?

7. What does this mean for global warming?

8. Are nuclear plants being subsidized elsewhere in the world?

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