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3/20/2017 by mdc
The Ukrainian Yuzhnoye SDO is one of the most well-known and recognized scientific and design companies in the world in the field of space technology development. This recognition is based on the exceptional experience in space technology development, gained during almost 60 years of the company life and reinforced by the capability to grow in modern economic and political environment, while providing flexible response to the needs of the global space launch market.

Yuzhnoye is proud of a lot of successful developments, many of which became achievements at the world level. Among them is the development of the Zenit, an environmentally friendly space launch system characterized by high reliability, fully automated pre-launch operations and launch, and spacecraft injection accuracy.

Today, Yuzhnoye continues to grow, trying to meet current market requirements.
For example, in view of particular importance of Earth observation from space, a series of remote sensing satellites was developed: Sich-1, Sich-2, EgyptSat-1. Space systems, including ground control, data acquisition, and processing systems, were developed in cooperation with partner enterprises.

The Dnepr program provides an example of an unorthodox use of in-house designs ... conversion of RS-20 ICBMs, designed and manufactured in Ukraine in the Soviet times, into space launch vehicles for launching commercial satellites into orbit.

At the moment, international cooperation is growing rapidly. Yuzhnoye takes part in international commercial space projects Sea Launch and Land Launch, in the joint Ukrainian-Brazilian project Cyclone-4, in the development of the medium-lift launch vehicle Antares to deliver cargoes to the International Space Station.

Yuzhnoye has many years of experience in successful design of highly reliable propulsion with good performance and mass characteristics and a broad range of functional capabilities.

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