Resource thumbnail Alert 14-12 Equipment Shift During Rig Up Results in Near Miss
Alert 14-11 Lack of Communication Results in Fatality
Alert 14-10 Dropped Landing String Results in Near Miss
Alert 14-09 High Potential Incident - Struck by Dropped Object
Alert 14-08 Maintenance on Accommodation's Elevator Results in a Fatality
Alert 14-07 Arm Caught in Pinch Point on Hydraulic Catwalk Results in Deep Contusion
Alert 14-06 Tank Cable Strike Results in Injury to Employee
Alert 14-05 Air Winch Line Caught in Derrick Fingers Results in an Employee Being Pulled Off of the Rig Floor
Alert 14-04 Blocks Fall to Rig Floor After Drill Line Came Off of the Drawworks
Alert 14-03 Struck by Incident Results in Leg Injury
Alert 14-02 Drop Object Results in Lost Time Incident
Alert 14-01 Internal Explosion Ruptures Crown Mounted Compensator Piping

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